Abridge is a company founded by patients, doctors, researchers, and technologists. We believe that patients should have the power to control their health information through technology. Patients should also be an equal partner in relationships with their care providers. We leverage groundbreaking technologies to help people remember the important details from their health conversations, so they can better follow their care plan. With more context and understanding of medical conversations, we hope to help everyone achieve better health outcomes. We put people-centered design into practice. Our mission is to bring context and understanding to every medical conversation so people can stay on top of their health. Abridge was created for everyone, with a mission to help us all better understand our health conversations, whether at home or in the hospital. The notion of being patient-centered often rings hollow in healthcare today. We aim to always act responsibly and in service of others, and to do no harm. We ask ourselves on a daily basis: is what we’re creating for the benefit of the patient? Everyone’s health journey is unique, so we meet people where they are and for what they need. Health care is inherently human, so we build technology to improve—not replace—your existing care. We focus on using technology to bring new utility and outcomes in service of the clinician-patient relationship. Trust is the most important currency to us and we strive to build trust between Abridge and anyone using our services. We hold ourselves accountable to our own Digital Hippocratic Oath and to a HIPAA-compliant data storage and processing protocol for anything captured and shared through our platform.

500 Grant Street, Suite 2900, Pittsburgh, PA 15219, United StatesNorth America,Global,15219 ***** https://abridge.com

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